»Untitled (Martha Rosler Collage)«, 2001 by Carol Bove.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Neïl Beloufa.

»La Más Bella TÚ«, 2003, a wallet containing works by 50 artists, in edition of 1000 by Pepe Murciego and Diego Ortiz.


»Burda, 1979 – 1982 (EFK)«, 2009 by Tania Theodorou and Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky.


“Untitled (Car Magazine Covers)”, 1999 by Sylvie Fleury.


Erased Pictures from Flash Art Nr.259“, 2008 by Maria Anwander. The information from the erased pictures from an art magazine (Flash Art Nr. 259) is saved in the crumbs of the eraser. Each picture is packed in a plastic bag numbered with the page belonging to it. The viewer just can imagine by reading the text what the pictures were shown before.


»Showing the Elle Magazine«, 1962 by Tomislav Gotovac.

»Made in USA«, 2005 by Merlin Carpenter.

Various works, 2006 by Kelley Walker.

»Memory Theatre (A slide of a sun temple’s sacrificial altar, a modified skylight in the Loggia’s dome at Tate St Ives, an Extreme Proxigean Spring Tide, and the correct angle of the sun.)«, 2008 by Adam Chodzko.

»Poem«, march 1966 by Dan Graham. Schema for a set of poems whose component pages are specifically published as individual poems in various magazines.

»RECLAMATION«, 2008 (A republishing of selected covers of the Metropolis Chronicle, the newspaper of Metropolis) by Kristin Posehn.

»The Gay Atomic Coloring Book«, 1970 ,drawings by Eduardo Paolozzi.


»Five Films«, »Lost Sea« and »One Way«, 2008 by Alexandr Skarlinski.


»Untitled«, 2001/2004, car windshield.


»schema; Aquafresh plus Crest with Whitening Expressions (Regina Hall)«, 2006. By Kelley Walker.


“Carr Magazine” by Marek Simko and Peter Umgeher.


Mi Magazine Issue 04, “David Moises Issue” published in +rosebud.


The new issue of Fairy Tale is out now, by vier5.


Live Cover for the web magazine Shift by Hudson-Powell.


Last Supper, a collection by Koji Arai from the Fashion Department Antwerp Show 2006. More pictures on dianepernet.typepad.com.


+ONE the first issue of a magazine made by seventeen final year students from the Fashion Department of Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

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