“Untitled”, 1988–2011 by Navid Nuur. Rock, magnet and iron dust.


“Background inside platform through M influence”, 2009 by Luca Pozzi.


A sound piece monitoring the live magnetic field of the house and drawings from the “Magnetic” series by Justin Bennett.


»Traces«, 2007. The Traces series is a number of 14 photographs that document the numerous traces of cosmic and terrestrial radiation, which ionize the gaseous ethanol steam inside a cloud chamber.


»334 m/s«,2007, is a room installation, which is meant to visualize the speed of sound (c = λ ⋅ ƒ), which is about 334 m/s. Two translucent tubes are filled with propane gas, which is set on fire to cause a chain reaction. A flame is burning from one side to the other, slowly accelerating to the point where it hits the end of the tube. Due to the ratio of the gas-oxygene mix the flame there causes a rapid explosion, which can be heard as a sonic boom. By Carsten Nikolai.


“zgodlocator” (Video) by Herwig Weiser.

DSC_0368-2.jpg  DSC_0388-2.jpg

Installation “Magnetic Guangzhou” by Troika.


Video of Sachiko Kodama’s fascinating magnetic fluid art project “Protrude, Flow”.