“The Gate”, 2012 by Mandla Reuter. Boulder, plastic bag, remote control, various items.

“Moment 1”, 2012 by Benoît Maire. Perspex, aluminium, glass, artist book, leaf.

“Italienerin II (nach Karl Geiser, 1943)”, 2010 by Michael Hakimi. Photocopies, MDF, lacquer.

“Thermosphere”, 2012 by Nick Relph.

“Untitled (Green climbing holds)”, 2012 by Oliver Payne. Climbing holds, canvas.

“Le menuet”, 2012 by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel.

“Episode 3”, 2012 by Renzo Martens.

“Allochtone #8 and #11”, 2012 by Christian Mayer. Petrified trunk from Madagascar, approx. 200 mio years old.

Hermann Nitsch

Ballet shorts designed by Pablo Picasso in 1919.

Les Six, 1968 by Tony Berlant.

From the series “Waste Land”, 2011 by Robert F. Hammerstiel.

“Circulation Drawings”, 2005 by Joe Scanlan. Acrylic, graphite, corrugated cardboard, extruded aluminium, vinyl, wood.

directionstolastvisitor.com, 2011 by Charles Broskoski.

“Conjs”, 2011 by Ricardo Basbaum. Iron, fabric, vinyl and audio.

»Madonna della Scodella«, 2012 by Paolo Chiasera.

Belle Haleine. Eau de Voilette, 1921 by Marcel Duchamp.

Condition of Woman I, 1960 by Arman.

“Body in Flight (Delta)”, 2011 by Allora & Calzadilla. Stained Wood, gymnasts (Sadie Wilhelmi, USA Gymnastics, depicted). Video.

“The Open Tool Shelter”, 1991/2006 by Clegg & Guttmann. Fornica, tools.

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