»Mask«, 2012 by Judith Hopf.

»Sam«, 2008 by Ana Roldán.

»CV Dazzle™« by Adam Harvey.

»Second Chance 2«, 2008 by Greg Parma Smith.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Vanessa Safavi.


Welcome Mouth-Ports-Bou-Har!“, 2009 by Plastique Fantastique.


“Is it me? Can it be?”, 2008 by Nathalie Brevet and Hughes Rochette.

Picture 4

Diane Arbus

»ROM_«, 2004 by Alexandra Croitoru.


“Spaghetti Mask”, 2010 from the series “Clutch” by FOS (Thomas Poulsen). Plastic, plaster, black light.


“Disguised in Perham”, 2003 by Franco Angeloni.

2007 schneezeichnung.jpg

»Schneezeichnung« (2007)

Bild 10.png

»Home 2« (2007) by Olaf Breuning.

ww_arni.jpg ww_BillClinton.jpg ww_PrinceCharles.jpg

Pictures from the series “Virtual & Individual” and

G8_fence_4.jpg G8_fence_of_cops_field.jpg

“Operation Sorbus, G8 Scotland, 2005” by Immo Klink.


“Untitled”, “Jerusalem, Western Wall”, “Brandenburg Gate Berlin November 9, 1989″ and “Tianamen Square Beijing China June 4, 2006″ by Daniel Josefsohn.


“Played twice” by Arnold Joseph Kemp.


»Conditioned« by George Bolster.


“Luke, I’m your father” – modified Citroén HY. By Nick Bötticher.


In »The Rising Dog« (2003) a German shepherd, standing beside the driver, is riding in a white Mercedes. The dog rises through an opening in the car up to the top of the roof. After a little while the dog disappears back in the car.


In »The Doves« (2002) three white doves are sitting on a traffic light. With every colour appearing on the traffic light a pair of doves- eyes starts glowing powerfully in the same colour, looking down to the drivers.


In »Saladfield as big as a sky-scraper building« (2001) 10.000 lettuces were grown right beside a sky scraper building, on a 1200m²- field as big as the frontal fasçade. After a growing period of 5 weeks the salad heads were ready for harvest. They were given to the local inhabitants during a one week harvest period. Both projects by Helmut Dick.


»Kontakt«, »Himmel (Untergang)«, and »Der dritte Tag« from 2005 by Markus Selg.


»Selfportrait As An Artist On Vacation« and


»Lost (As Bas Jan Ader)« by Jason Lazarus.

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