“Taking measures” (installation view), 2010 by Ignasi Aballí.


»Plaintes«, 2009 by Latifa Echakhch. Installation of eight charcoal wall drawings inspired by The Modulor, a system of measurements from Le Corbusier.


“9/17/2006, 8:45 am – 9:45am, N 78°13.370’ E 015°40.024’” from the series “1h Northern Hemisphere (2005-2008)” by Hans-Christian Schink.

“The Ruler Project”, 2000 by Jiří Skála.
Rulers of altered length were distributed to professionals.

“Sediment”, 2008 from the series “genug lang’ wässern/ wedeln” by Stefan Burger.

»A Number of Things«, 2008 by Micah Lexier. A colouring book that presents some of the artist’s favourite conceptual artworks as well as some related objects having to do with counting and measurement. Designed to be accessible, it will be made available to Vancouver area public school children through presentations by the artist, introducing young audiences to idea-based contemporary visual art.


“Der Zermesser”, 2007 (Video) and


Wavesynth 2.0, 2007 by Leo Peschta.


“Transcoding MAK” by Markus Sulzbacher.


“Still Alive” (measures one-to-one to the artist skull) by Kris Martin.

Safe20Tunning.jpg b4!.jpg jb2.jpg

“Safe Tunning”, “Berthier 4” (lifts you up 1.50m and needs 25 minutes for that) and “Berthier 808” (pushes you one meter away from the wall) by Julien Berthier.


»La Vitesse de Liberation« by Tete Álvarez.


“363°”, “Weighing Scales” by Richard Rigg.


The decision spoon, bread knife and chopping board by Alexandre Bettler.