»disOrient«, 2008 by Raqs Media Collective.


“Minimundus”, 2004 by Seppo Gründler shows four historic media works as miniatures (“TV Buddha” by Nam June Paik, “Pendulum Music” by Steve Reich, “Il Treno di John Cage” by John Cage and “Drive In Music” by Max Neuhaus).

»Across the Universe 2000«, 2005 by Natalie Czech.

Apartment” by Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg.

SKIF++” is a collaboration of Jeff Carey, Robert van Heumen and Bas van Koolwijk.

“More&more”, 2007 by Hans W. Koch.


Foriginal Media Hack No 1” and “Foriginal Media Hack No 2” by Ubermorgen.com.


»Long Wave Goodbye«, 2006, 33-minute sound loop by Michael Day. “Some sounds persist as signifiers of other meanings even though they rarely occur in daily life: the screech of a stylus being pulled from a vinyl record is often used as a clichéd way of drawing the audience’s attention to a sudden change of pace in visual broadcast media, even though very few people under the age of 20 will recognise the source of the sound or what it originally signified. Tuning, or dead air, may well end up the same, a signifier dislocated permanently from its signified. This piece presents a transition across the full range of the long wave spectrum available on the Technics SA-200L.”


“Solar eclipse:Sun” by Martin Parr.

f98039c8.jpg pfeiffer.jpg

Paul Pfeiffer.


“Chromatische Aberration” by Eno Henze,

trafo1.jpg trafo2.jpgtrafo3.jpg

Videosynthesizer “Trafo” together with Joreg.


»Fascia«. The structure of the apparatus gradually takes control over the face, pulling and stretching the skin, eyelids and lips into controlled/mechanized grimaces.


»Public Sauna«. For Pia Lindman an artist born and raised in Finland, public sauna bathing is a significant part of her identity. In the United States, issues of nudity prevent an experience of a Finnish sauna event both socially and physically. To further negotiate this cultural disjunction, she designed and built »Public Sauna« in the court yard of P.S.1. and kept it open for the public to bathe. During the year of 2000, approximately one thousand visitors at P.S.1. used the sauna.

whiteread_4_rt copy.jpg

»New York Times Performances«. Having collected images of mourners from the New York Times for one year, Pia Lindman took the bodily gestures of the mourners out of the news context and made drawings/diagrams. These images ranged from the aftermath of the World Trade Center, terrorist attacks in Israel, funerals of Palestinians, Chechnyans, to Russians. Using these drawings as her instructions she re-enacted the gestures in front of a video camera in her studio without revealing their original context. Later she moved into the public space and performed the re-enactments live. The locations have varied from Rachel Whiteread’s Holocaust Memorial on Judenplatz in Vienna, Battery Park New York, Mexico City…


Series of re-staged mass media images by Tobias Laukemper .


La Déclaration.


Série Pornographie. By Edouard Levé.


Nam June Paik, 1978 by the Vasulkas. Also see the Vasulka Archive.

steina 2.jpg

Bent Scans, 2002 and A So Desu Ka, 1993 by Steina Vasulka.


Doris, 1996 by Woody Vasulka.


Photographic prints of video recordings.


Mixed media, video outfits by LoVid.


The FIFA Football World Cup 2006 in ASCII by Michael Aschauer and Stefan Brunner.