»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.


“Der König wohnt in mir”, 2008 by Christoph Schlingensief.

»Medical Gymnastics«, 2008 by Agnieszka Polska.

Self-Portrait,-Standard_01.jpg glass.jpg

“Series 00: Self-Portrait” from the project “Memento Mori” by Iñigo Bilbao. Images built from a 2 mm. slices CAT-Scan (Medical Systems HIGH Speed CT/e) of the model. The DICOM files obtained were processed in Osirix (Medical Imaging Software); exporting a 3D model the renders were produced using 3ds Max 7.0 and Brazil Rendering Systems. See also Karin Sander and Xavier Veilhan.

aaahclone2.jpg aaahclone.jpg

Aaaah!” and


“L’Hospice” by Gilles Barbier.


In the work Connecting, Victoria Skogsberg recreates a popular ‘psi’ experiment that tests the possibility of receiving messages from the subconscious. In the ‘real’ experiment the ‘receiver’ is situated in a sound proof room, seated on a comfortable reclining chair wearing headphones and large black glasses. White noise is played continually through the headphones and the glasses, equipped with stroboscopic lights, are programmed to emit red flashes into the eyes which allow the body to relax. Skogsberg’s re-creation contains similar props to the real experiment but takes place in what seems like a domestic environment excluding the apparatus and technical equipment we would assume to belong in such a place. Her image suggests that with the right state of mind and a few simple tools it may be possible for anyone to connect to a higher realm.