»The World State«, 2006 by Jan Freuchen.


“Distillation”, an installation with amplified sheets of melting ice by Dan St. Clair.

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“Good Night Darthy” and “Born Again” by BGL (Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère and Nicolas Laverdière).


»Domestic Erosion« by Tim Taylor.


In the installation »Infinite Loop« (2004) a camera is rotated on its side and pointed into a television at close proximity. The camera feeds the image of pixels on the screen back into the TV’s audio and video inputs. The auto focus and auto exposure struggle to gain some coherence expected in an image, but cannot. The result is a fluctuating, oscillating signal.


In »Thaw« (2004) an empty swimming pool, a large mass of black, volcanic, basalt street bricks is interlaced with bricks of white ice. The cube will fall prey to entropy over the course of approximately 8 hours. The ice bricks fuse together and hold on to the bricks as long as possible, causing the structure to warp and sway pendulously before collapse. The brick cube rests on a steel table and hovers over a mirror, which floats above the floor. The mirror has microphones attached to it, which pick up the stochastic dripping of water and is amplified in the space, counting off the time between collapses. Both projects by Chris Musgrave.


Min 100 jaar (2003), Zon (2006) and Contact (I) (2003) by Toine Klaassen.