Detail from “Delay”, 2012 by Magali Reus. Brushed aluminium, mirror polished aluminium.

“Then.”, 2011 Ida Ekblad.

“Circulation Drawings”, 2005 by Joe Scanlan. Acrylic, graphite, corrugated cardboard, extruded aluminium, vinyl, wood.

“Conjs”, 2011 by Ricardo Basbaum. Iron, fabric, vinyl and audio.

“I C Through U (Dandy)”, 2012 by Aaron Curry. Ink, silkscreen and spray paint on wood with painted aluminum base.

“Skizze Vol. 6”, 2012 by Michael Kienzer.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Sanya Kantarovsky.

“Work Table / Game Table nº 4”, 2010 by Pedro Barateiro.

»Total Picture Control«, 2010 by Julia Dault.

Installation “Place for a Viewer”, 2009 by Dominik Lang.

“Balustrade”, 2010 by Monika Sosnowska. Steel, paint, PVC.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Neïl Beloufa.

»Hello World #1«, from the series CNC Wireform Demonstrations, 2010, by Cory Arcangel.

“Song Machine 19 (the length of the a strand of your hair of the width of your arms, unfolded…)”, 2011 by Athanasios Argianas. Photo-etched brass strip, mild steel, black patina.

»Tombeau V1«, 2007 by Martin Widmer.

“Boiler”, 2010 by Kori Newkirk. Stainless steel, vinyl tubing, resin.

“Rock”, 2006 by Tatiana Trouvé. Stone, plexiglas, aluminium, copper, brass.


“Banque Bannister”, 2010 by Hassan Khan. Copper, brass.

»Module«, 2004 by Xavier Mary.


“Every Phrase and Every Sentence is an End and a Beginning”, 2009 by Lorna Macintyre. Copper pipe.

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