»CV Dazzle™« by Adam Harvey.

Car by Richard Prince.

»Pression Accoustique, Essai N°1«, 2009 by Fouad Bouchoucha.

kris martin.jpg

»Verwandlung« is based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the entire text of the book is copied on one page. »Vase«; chinese porcelain and glue. By Kris Martin.


“Suitcase House” by Gary Chang: The dwelling is vertically stacked in layers. Although non-hierarchical in its unoccupied form, the space becomes alive by reacting to the specifics of its inhabitants. The space transforms itself with the help of mobile elements integrated with the architecture. These hidden functions are contained in the bottom stratum of the building. A single volume metamorphoses into a sequence of rooms, and concealed amenities reveal themselves, differentiating the spaces.


Corrections 1 and


Corrections 2, a videodocumentation of the artist’s circumcision. By Rassim aka Krassimir Krastev.


9 Was 6 If. The two chairs change in colour every 4th minute. What looks like two ordinary chairs on display, is in fact two totally modified replicas holding an internal water system. This allows the chairs to change in temperature, as cold or hot water is pumped through their system. The changing temperature affects the surface of the chairs, coated with thermochrome (heat-reacting) paint. When the chair is cold, it is black, but when heated up it turns white. By Christian Andersson.