Natural Disaster Concert“, 1984 by Die Tödliche Doris.

»Versuchsreaktor (experimental reactor)«, 2009,

»Herterichstraße«, 2001 by Michael Sailstorfer.

“Microphones”, 2008 by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

Composition in Progress [c.i.p.]” since 2003 by Yuko Mohri and Soichiro Mihara.

»Blowjob V«, 2009 by Wojciech Kosma.

Bild 15.png

»Blowjob«, 2008 by Wojciech Kosma.


A bag of live »Snails« with a properly protected microphone introduced in its core. The resulting sound is amplified in the same room as the bag is standing. By Fernandes Avelãs.


“Metronome Piece” by Akitsugu Maebayashi. The artist walks around the town bringing along a clicking metronome. The regulated clicks produced by the metronome works as ‘sonor’ which detects information of spaces, and the echoes of clicks are recorded binaurally through microphones that are placed on both of ears of him. This is how, the sound of clicks becomes the medium which transmits experience as a mixture of space and time.


» Earphones «, 2007, 960 earphones working as speakers and 40 working as microphones, making a feedback loop that can be controlled on the mixer. By Andre Avelas .


“Karaoke Landscape” by Norbert Möslang.


»Feedback«, 2004 by Gunilla Klingberg


“Broadway” is a five-channel sound installation comprising the columns that run through the gallery space and the entire building. The five columns, transmitting subtle vibrations generated by movement on the street and subway below, are transformed into loudspeakers, each of which plays out the sounds of Broadway in its individual resonant frequency. By Jacob Kirkegaard.

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“Rocket Names”, “Star Projector” and “Micros” by Oliver van den Berg.

“Reality Soundtrack” by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec.


“Book” by David Herbert.


»Talking Popcorn« is a sound sculpture that evolved out of Nina Katchadourian’s interest in language, translation, and Morse Code. A microphone in the cabinet of the popcorn machine picks up sound of popping corn, and a computer hidden in the pedestal runs a custom written program that translates the popping sounds according to the patterns and dictates of Morse Code. A computer generated voice provides a simultaneous spoken translation.


“Photoshop Performance” by Oskar Dawicki,


“LEGO Concentration Camp Series” by Zbigniew Libera,


“Map Trap” by Wilhelm Sasnal and


“Faith in Means of Transport” by Zbigniew Rogalski. All: Raster.


La Déclaration.


Série Pornographie. By Edouard Levé.


The Man of Speed’s helmet. By Juneau Projects.

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The beauty royale, video installation with sculpted tv, woodchipper and dowel-mounted transducer microphones. A forest, computer system with small pine tree growing in casing.


Good morning captain, video installation with inkjet prints. A video of a scanner being dragged over a forest floor placed alongside printouts of the resulting scans.


Mic campfire. Six microphones were suspended above a large campfire in Grizedale Forest. The microphones were lowered into the fire in turn, the sound was relayed on a pa system. A rich future is still ours. A video installation where sheets of paper with attached transducer microphones are fed through a paper shredder.