»Last minute«, 2009 by Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky.


“Minuterna” by Albin Karlsson. A machine painted a dot per minute. Video .


»Bitches Brew«, 2006, 13 minute video sampled from mostly male directed movies from the 60ies to today, the video shows women who take back control and power, fight off their attackers or take revenge on their assailants. By Heidrun Holzfeind.


“Dead Room” by Camille Norment.

For 3 minutes and 33 seconds at a time, eight large sub-woofers pulse a rhythm of bass frequencies that are too low for the human ear to actually hear. The space is silent, but the sound can be seen as the woofers throb their play cycles, felt as the sound waves move through the body creating a subtle intangible disturbance, and heard in the ‘helium voice’ disruption of the visitors’ voices.

a-stuehle.jpg  Stuehle12.JPG

“Ohne Titel”,

a-max1min1.jpg  a-max1min2.jpg  a-max1min4.jpg

“Max. 1 Minute” and

a-7-stock1.jpg  a-7-stock2.jpg  a-7-stock3.jpg  a-7-stock4.jpg

video “7. Floor” by Christian Engelmann.