»Revue«, 2010 by Sinta Werner.

»We’re Coming, We’re Coming, Wait Up, Stones«, 2008 by Susan Robb.

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»Shangri-La«, 2005 by Patty Chang.


»Superficial«, 2004 by Michel de Broin.


»TV Buddha«, 1974 by Nam June Paik.


»expedition-bus and shaman-travel« (Double Video-Projection on the Windscreen of a mirrored Campervan), 2002 is a project researching the parallels between ethnography and shamanism using scientific film-footage from the 50s and 60s.


»Divining Rod Testfield (Scheunenversuch)«, 2003 is a reenactment of a scientific experiment to evaluate the phenomenon of water divination. In the lower floor of a shed of about 20m of length, pipes were installed in such a way that their positions could be altered. through those pipes different quantities of water was pumped. one floor above, the test persons were to estimate the positions of the pipes through water divination. The supervisor of the experiment did not know the exact position of the pipes during the experiments nor did the test persons. the probability of the experiment being a result of pure chance was clearly below 0,5. In a series of further tests with 43 water diviners, 10 person were found to show significant to highly significant test results. The probability to get similar results without assuming a sensitivity of the water diviners, was arround 1500:1 against chance.


»Marathon«, 2003. By Christoph Keller.


»Bi-Bardon« (2001) by Alex Schweder.


»Why Would You Believe Something You Don’t Believe« (2006), »Waldspiegel« (2003) and »Spiegelung« (2002) by David Renggli.


“See-thru”, Leyland DAF Sherpa van & reflective laminate,


“River, trees, cloud, sky”, books and

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“Transit (#2)”, vintage postacrds by Damien Roach.




The Boy Is Found, Fitness and Hariri by Hrafnkell Sigurdsson.

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“Wallfilm” 1982 performance. Out of 48 bricks a wall is built in the darkness, during which time the wall functions as a projection-surface. Onto the wall is projected a film, showing the wall beeing dismantled with the same speed.


“Untitled” 1988; “Warsteiner” 1987; “Untitled” 1993 and other work by Dieter Kiessling.