»Street Market«, 2000 by Todd James, Steve Powers and Barry McGee.

»Lonesome George«, 2005 by Rachel Berwick.

»Sans titre (salle omnisports)«, 2005 by Didier Marcel.

»Glamour Girl«, 1999 music by Chicks on Speed, 2009 video by A.L. Steiner.

»Walls of Progress: Materiales de Construccion«, 2011 by Ximena Garrido Lecca.

»Un-retouched«, 2011 by BERNADETTE CORPORATION.

»HELTER SHELTER«, 2011 by Pablo Cots.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Urs Fischer & Georg Herold.

»Anxiogenic post colonial sculptures«, 2008 by Olivier Cazin.

»Presidency III«, 2008 by Thomas Demand.

»A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole I & II«, 2010 by Johan Eldrot and Erik Larsson.

»Mill 1«, 2008 by James Beckett.


»Das Ding«, 2010 by Lindsay Lawson.

“Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III”, 2007 by Steven Shearer.


“Ikea House”, 2003 by Thomas Schütte. Chair parts, aluminiuim, perspex, mirror, bronze, fibre glass on chip board table.


“Honey Neustadt”, 2006 by Hoefner and Sachs.

Unsolicited Fabrications: Shareware Sculptures“, 2009 by Stephanie Syjuco. Sculptures designed by anonymous users of Google SketchUp.

»Plastic representation of the Fugue in E Flat Minor by JS Bach«, 1928 by Henri Nouveau .

»Pregnancy Pee«, 2009 by Cathy Akers.

»Kerze.gif«, 2009 by Timur Siqin.

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