»Pico della Mirandola«, 2012,

»Mano-sillas«, 2012,

»Los Mutantes«, 2012 by Pedro Reyes.

»Headhunter«, 2011 by Hadley+Maxwell.

„Bags«, 2011 by Rayyane Tabet.

»traveling chairs«, 2010 by Marina Faust.

»Geogoo«, 2008 by JODI.

»Mobile Models Ongoing«, 2011 by Andres Laracuente.

»About The Good And The Bad Sculpture«, 2009 by Hedwig Houben.

»Announcements«, 2002-2004 by Michał Budny.

»Hidden Hearing«, 2010 by Jesse Ash.

»away«, 2010 by Hadley+Maxwell.

»Ganymede (Jockstrap)«, 2009 by Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset.


“Sovereign”, 2010 by Jakob Neulinger. Chandelier, brass bar, glow wire.

»Bopparder Kanapee«, 2005 by Alexej Meschtschanow.

»WASTED NIGHTS«, 2009 by Santiago Taccetti.

»The First Kiss (bending a building)«, 2009 by Riccardo Benassi.

»Mantra«, 2007 by Stefano Arienti.

»Untitled«, 2006,

»Untitled«, 2010 by Pieter Vermeersch.

»Mapa psicogeográfico (vista aérea da cidade da Beira, Moçambique)«, 2008 by Pedro Barateiro.

»Versuchsreaktor (experimental reactor)«, 2009,

»Herterichstraße«, 2001 by Michael Sailstorfer.

»stain #1«, 2009,

»Grace«, 2009 by Luke Barber-Smith.

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