“F for Figure”, 2011 by Chris Succo. Patinated bronze.

25_Steven Parrino_Void Vortex, 1996

»Void Vortex«, 1996 by Steven Parrino.

»WINDOW I«, 2010 by Jacob Cohen.


»YELLOW MONOCHROME«, 2008 by A kills B.


»Your Body is a Battleground Still montage«, 2007 by Kate Davis.


»Monochrome COLOR-I-ME-TRY palettes for Cyclidrome«, 2004 by Ricci Albenda.

»5th May ’88 Pix for the People«, 1989 by Ernst Mitzka.

»The Fantastic Tavern: The Tbilisi Avant-Garde«, 2009 Curated by Daniel Baumann and AIRL.

»Troubled Winnie«, 2008, inkjet and acryl on canvas, by Pierre Bismuth.

»El sueno de una cosa«, 2001 by Philippe Parreno. A group of large-format, white monochrome paintings by Rauschenberg from 1951 is displayed in a classical exhibition situation, periodically the space darkens and a 1-minute long film by Parreno is projected onto the paintings.

»Muttenz«, 2005,

»Kemper«, 2004 by Renée Levi.

»4.000 BLACK POSTERS«, 2008 by Santiago Sierra.

»untitled plottings«, 2006 (various source material plotted using self made printer,
each print 70 x 100cm, white marker, paint marker, eraser on card) by James Beckett.

“Untitled (crash helmet)”, 2007 by Michael Strasser.

“Cups in circles”, 2008 by Kristin Nordhøy. Plastic drinking cups.

»Monochrome Till Receipt (White)«, 1999 by Ceal Floyer.

»Monochrome Till Receipt (White)«, 2005 by Dan Halter.


»Stripped«, 2006 by Lovett/Codagnone.


»Ink On Paper«, 2008,


»Cover«, 2007 by Lars Morell.

infinity plane.jpg

»(Untitled) Photographic Infinity Plane«, 2007, by Marco Kane Braunschweiler.

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