“Diary”, 2010 by Tim Hetherington.


»Good Evening«, 1996 by Apsolutno and Aleksandar Davic. Video excerpt.


»CNN Concatenated«, 2002 by Omer Fast. Video excerpt.


»Perspective Motocavaliere (Remake)«, 2003 by Jérémie Gindre.

6_ragingbull04.jpg 6_shining.jpg

»Filmspace«, 2006-2007, is a series of stills from movies placed and montaged together to produce a new space. By Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube.


»a misappropriation of singin’ in the rain«, 2006 by Sarah Paul.

Excerpt from »Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy«, 1998, by Martin Arnold.

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»Brickbreaker«, 2003.

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»Finger Man«, 2004.

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»Snake Man«, 2004. Videos by Tomaž Tomažin, where he edits his own face into existing footage.


“The White House” by Joonho Jeon. Video.


»Give Us Today Our Daily Terror«, 2008 – ongoing. Exact copy of Hitchcock’s 1963 film The Birds from which all birds have been removed. Single channel video, color, 119 minutes. By Martijn Hendriks. Video excerpts 1, 2 and 3.


»THEEND/THEBEGINNING« (2008) by Chris Coy.

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»The Gap Between Landscape And Portrait (after Wearing)«, 2006, and

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»Tarzan (Onomatopoeia)«, 2005, by Rodrigo Oliveira.

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»Woodhouse Bowling Club«, 2006, computer animation, and »Campiello S. Vidal 9:30 – 17:30«, video. By Svetlana Mircheva .

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»Video as Suburban Condition«, 2007; two channel video installation. Video excerpt.

skier Kopie.jpg

»This is where we’ll do it«, 2007; is a series of inkjet prints of locations from YouTube videos, after having taken out the people who were in the video. Some of the locations come from the videos in Video as Suburban Condition, 2007. By Martijn Hendriks.


»Blind Side Of A Secret«, »Acquisition of Power Over Fire« and »Making of a Shooter Redux« by Yoshi Sodeoka.


»7/8« taken from the series »Sponsoring«, 2007 (Selfportrait with $$$) by Thomas Mailaender.


»The news with closed eyes« (2007) video by Constant Dullaart.


»Message The« by Oliver Laric.


»Chris« (1994) taken from the series »Dystopia« and


»Still-Life #2« (1996) taken from the series »Plasmorphica« by Aziz + Cucher.


“….” by Constant Dullaart and Ronald Snijders.

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