Artist statement, 2012 by Lenka Clayton from Artist Residency in Motherhood.

»Untitled (Generation Series), Mother and Daughter«, 2004 by Arwa Abouon.

»Family«, 2002 by Keren Cytter.


»IS THAT A CASTLE OVER THERE?«, 2010, collage by Hydrothermal Emerald.

“An angle of 180 degrees is a straight line or half a circle”, 2007 by Aldo Giannotti shows the artist’s mother hanging upside-down.

“Mother and Child”, 1998 by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. The artists use genetically manipulated grass as a photographic medium to display the portrait.


»on-going-going on- autographs of the initiators«. On April 25th 2005 Maurice Bogaert had his parents autographs tattooed on his feet, on the left foot his mothers and on the right foot his fathers.


“Breastfeeding” by Katy Grannan.

pine forest.jpg

Pine Forest by Justine Kurland.

vse copy.jpg

Diana Scherer.