»Pouliguen«, 2011 by Marcelo Moscheta.

“Depth Mapping (The Mountain)”, 2011 by Kate Steciw.

»A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole I & II«, 2010 by Johan Eldrot and Erik Larsson.

»Meurtrière (Dolomites)«, 2009 by Nicolas Milhé.


“Camp-site stones (Sierra Nevada, Spain)”, 1985 by Richard Long.

»Bergkette«, 2007 by Michael Hakimi.

»the insistence of distance«, 2010 by Richard T. Walker.

»Ceremony for an homogeneous landscape«, 2009 by Milena Bonilla.


“Mountains with Smoke” by Martin Murphy.

»Divine2894«, 2007 by Allan deSouza.


“Heaven, the Sky”, 2008 by Mariela Neudecker.

»Removing Mountains« by Daniel Shea.

»LA VOIE (STONEHENGE 4A+)«, 2006 by Jeremie Gindre

From the series “Mountain with no name“, 2003 by Marine Hugonnier. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

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»Shangri-La«, 2005 by Patty Chang.


»Superficial«, 2004 by Michel de Broin.


»Disney Couture«, 2007-1937, and


»Paramountains«, 2008 by Kari Altmann.


“Positioneringssysteem Pictura” and


“16 days on 44Ëš N, 18Ëš E” by Willem Besselink.


Photo from the series “AlpTransit” by Milo Keller.

prospects.jpg Sth-london-det.jpg

“Mount Fear – Statistics for Crimes with Offensive Weapon South London 2001-2002″ (Relief 1:3,000 (1m=3km) and 1:13.6364 (1 event per km2 per 13.6364) Greatest peak is at 44.8 incidents per km2 per annum) by Abigail Reynolds.

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