»Ravine«, 2006, a site specific installation by Jacob Kirkegaard.


Variable Risk Landscape“, 2004 by Dalibor Martinis.


»Carpathian Mountains«, 2009 by Ioana Nemes.

“Wild Signals”, 2007 by Kevin Schmidt. The videoinstallation features the five-note melody that served to communicate with extraterrestrials in Steven Spielberg’s film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

“44˚”, 2008 by Tina Z’Rotz and Markus Schwander.

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»Shangri-La«, 2005 by Patty Chang.


»Superficial«, 2004 by Michel de Broin.


»Disney Couture«, 2007-1937, and


»Paramountains«, 2008 by Kari Altmann.


»The Christchurch Menetekel«, 2006, interactiva laser projection.


»Interfacing Landscapes #2«, Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007, animated laserprojection on moutains. By Johannes Gees.


»Vue des Alpes« is a project of a fictious hotel on the internet. The site where the hotel is being built has been developed and constructed on a PC pentium III with various 3D programmes since March 2000. By Monica Studer and Christoph Van den Berg.


“Ebay Landscape” is an online environment built using a data flux coming from Internet. Mountains are generated grabbing eBay.com stock markets charts. By Carlo Zanni. See also “NASDAQ Vocal Index” and “Power Trio”.

rescue mountain.jpg

“Rescue Mountain” by Jared Steffensen.

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»Wichita Lineman 1:3000 Scale«, 2001. The work derives from audio data of the 70′s country and western song “Witchita Lineman” (listen) by Glen Cambell. The landscape was generated from contour maps created from computer modelling data of the original song file. Computer audio visualisation processing software was employed to reconstruct the song using a series of 2D and 3D computer generated models from which the final version was modeled in clay and cast in glass-reinforced plastic. The geology of the landscape is a direct copy of the computer model created from the the song data and gets its characteristics from the XYZ axis of time-frequency-volume. By Calum Stirling.


»Porträtgalerie«, 1992.


»Tisch Mit Raketen«, 1993 and »Without Title«, 2005. All by Roman Signer.


Lois Hechenblaikner


Futureworld by Trans Am.

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Ataskoa was a public announcement to create a traffic jam in the hills. The announcement was made in the newspapers, over the radio, with flyers, posters, etc. On 18th September 2005, 160 cars (approximately 425 people) gathered at Intza, Navarre, on the sides of Mount Aralar. The jam started at 11am. and ended at 15pm. In addition to the 160 volunteering cars, a work team also participated to direct the traffic, organise lunch, take pictures and film from 5 different places. By Maider Lopez.