»Gibellina«, 2008 by Raphaël Zarka.

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During July 2006 the office of the exhibition space Casco was partially powered by energy generated by the daily spinning classes of a local fitness club. From the ongoing “The Power & Illumination Project” by Annika Lundgren. “The Power & Illumination Project” is based on the idea of using fitness-centers as sources of energy. The kinetic energy being generated here is converted to electrical energy, and is used to produce and mediate knowledge regarding the global energy balance and it’s political consequences.

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»J&K in Egypt« work in progress by Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard.


»Security« by Melanie Manchot.

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“The Robotics Project 2″, a device consisting of electrodes that when triggered, send a small shock to the positive and negative electrodes on either side of the arm muscles, forcing the arms and fingers to move. The device is connected to the guitar of Clinton Watkins. When ever a particular bar chord is played (acting as a switch), the external nervous system triggers the arm movements and creates a mechanical sound. By Hadleigh Averill performed with Clinton Watkins.

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“The Lightning Project” by Hadleigh Averill in Collaboration with Ryan Douglass and Medicine Man Wakiyan Sna Mani. Video.