»Ashugh«, 2008 by R.E.P.group. For the performance on 6 Gyumri biennale in Armenia R.E.P. artists invited Ashugh, an Armenian folk singer and storyteller. He appeared in various public places in the city, singing about well-known performances and actions of contemporary artists.


Ruth Ewan’s »Did you kiss the foot that kicked you?« (2006) is an intervention inspired by the song »Ballad of Accounting« by the late English singer, songwriter and socialist Ewan MacColl. For one week, Ballad of Accounting was slipped into the musical repertoires of over 100 buskers and performed across the City of London as commuters journeyed to work.


“Acid Brass” by Jeremy Deller. A Brass Band playing Acid House anthems. Video.


Painting by Tracy Nakayama.


Interview with Jamie Lidell. Jamie comments on music by artists such as Cluster, Björk, Syl Johnson, Philip Glass and Justin Timberlake. The interview was recorded in 2005 – Part 1 of 3.