Interior Scroll, 1975 by Carolee Schneemann..

»Maria«, 2002 by Melanie Bonajo.

»Libido Uprising«, 1989 by Jo Spence.

»Boys«, 2012 by Wojciech Kosma.

»Untitled (Martha Rosler Collage)«, 2001 by Carol Bove.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Urs Fischer & Georg Herold.

Wojciech Kosma Anal Projection 1

»Anal Projection«, 2010 by Wojciech Kosma.


»VENT DES GLOBES«, 2009 by Melodie Mousset.

»Meat Joy«, 1964 by Carolee Schneemann.


»Showing the Elle Magazine«, 1962 by Tomislav Gotovac.

Picture 1.png

The opening of Andrea Fraser’s retrospective on 9. 11. 2003 at the Kunstverein in Hamburg. The video shows Fraser stripping while quoting from speeches given by critics, collectors, curators, politicians, and artists at openings, awards ceremonies, and other art events. She recites famous artists ranging from Mel Brooks and Thomas Hirschhorn to Shirin Neshat, Ross Bleckner, Francesco Clemente, Vanessa Beecroft, Damien Hirst, Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, and Kara Walker.

Picture 3.png

Video documentation of Vanessa Beecroft’s performance »VB55«, 2005, at the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Part 1, part 2.


»Body Painting with Koe in Stockholm«, 2007, by Aida Makoto.


»Nude With Skeleton« a performance by Marina Abramović.

BlanckartCAMION.jpg   BlanckartBURAKU.jpg

“Cleaned Object: The Truck”, tape on truck and “The Burakumaru’s Odyssey – Sonia” by Olivier Blanckart.


»Computers, chairs and table«, »Chair and table« and »Eusebio« taken from the series »Fotogalleriet« (1998) by Marcelo Krasilcic.


»San Fernando Valley Porn« by Vera Hartmann.


»Logo.Hallucination« continuously monitors the images circulating on the Internet looking for hidden logos. It’s software is based on neural network image recognition. Pattern recognition is a field in full expansion, it constitutes a key technology in the domains of safety, of the management of the rights, of marketing… »Logo.Hallucination« proposes to use technologies of recognition of images in order to detect subliminal forms of logos or emblems, hidden (generally involuntarily) in the visual environment or in the whole of the images of the Internet. Every time a hallucination is detected, an email is sent to the owner of the image. By Christophe Bruno.


2 examples from the serie Objektbeziehung and


Schnäppchen, an installation in the Kaufhaus/ Alsterhaus in Hamburg. By Thorsten Brinkmann.


Michele and James.


Jennifer and Terrell.


Christina and Jonathan. By Alec Soth.

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