»Calling German Names (Zeitglockenturm Bern)«, 1972 by James Lee Byars.


“Ljudmilla Putin Jacuzzi”, 2008 by Mike Bouchet. Fiberglass, cardboard, paint.


“Personenanalphabet (A Portrait of the Artist as an Alphabet)”, 2008 by Anna Artaker.

“Bill 2“ from the series “Nigel U Go!” by Šejla Kamerić. Black graffiti on white chrochet.

»Islands (2)«, 1996, 72 lightboxes by Jaume Plensa.

“Carpet No. 6, Franz West”, 1998 by Marcus Geiger.

“Olafur Eliasson”, 2009 by Matthew Draving in collaboration with Duncan Scovil. Slideshow, sound. Video.

»La peinture des Martin de 1900 a 2000«, 2000 (a collection of paintings by artists whose surname is Martin) by Bertrand Lavier .

From the series “Mountain with no name“, 2003 by Marine Hugonnier. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

»Mystic Truth (Calling Bruce)«, 2007 (framed page from 1991 telephone book of New Mexico, featuring the telephone number of artist Bruce Nauman) by Barbara Visser.

“My Name as Though It Were Written on the Surface of the Moon”, 1968 by Bruce Nauman.


“Mirror-Men” by Johannes Wohnseifer.


»True Spirit«, 1992 (each word in the sentence is the brand name of the product displayed under it -from left to right: cigarette/soap/margarine/cleaning pad /dog food) by Guillaume Paris.


In “The John Cage Autograph” RGB values of the image are converted to chromatic scale piano sounds. By Steffen Kasperavicius.


»sdnefif«, 2007, by Saâdane Afif.


Daniel Malone.


»Chicken’s Egg, Polished, Raw, Size 0«, 1994


»Karin Sander«, 2002 (60 photographs collected from private archives of people called Karin Sander). By Karin Sander.


“Panel” (Installation for 5 Radios and 5 Radio Transmitters) by Stephen Lumenta. Video.


»Love Graffiti« by André.


»Adrian Mountainback« by Jonas Liverod.

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