»Palestina«, 2005 and »Tibet«, 2009 by Alban Muja.

“117 Dwight Eisenhower BLVD”, 2009 by Ken Lum.

“Almost Every City in the World”, 2005 by Mike Bouchet. Book and video. A list of almost every city, town, village, or named living location in the world. The list has approximately 2,800,000 entries. The video displays the alphabetically listed names and has a total running time of over 500 hours. The book is a printed version of this list. It has over 30,000 pages.

Detail from “Code Names“, 2005 by Trevor Paglen. “Code Names” is a list of words, phrases, and terms that designate active military programs whose existence or purpose is classified.

a world situation.jpg

“A world situation” – spam email titles as quotes and the false email-sender names as “authors” by Pieterjan Ginckels.