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»Woods of Arcady .com«, 2010 by Jon Rafman.

Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus“, 2009 by Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus.

»El sueno de una cosa«, 2001 by Philippe Parreno. A group of large-format, white monochrome paintings by Rauschenberg from 1951 is displayed in a classical exhibition situation, periodically the space darkens and a 1-minute long film by Parreno is projected onto the paintings.

Still from »The Feast of Trimalchio«, 2009 by AES+F.

»Sade for Sade’s sake«, 2009, three channel shadow projection, 5:45h, by Paul Chan.

»Sugar Water«, 2007 by Eric Baudelaire.

»Drama Queens«, 2007 by Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset.


“Best…flame war ..Ever” by Eddo Stern. Video.

utopia1.jpg utopia.jpg

The Making of Utopia” video installation portrays four utopian communities in Australia: Bodhi Farm, Dharmananda, Equilibrium and Moora Moora. The video bases to narratives written collectively by community members. By Tellervo Kalleinen Oliver and Kochta-Kalleinen.

David_Maljkovich_-_Scene_for_new_heritage_II_(1).jpg David_Maljkovich_-_Scene_for_new_heritage_II_(generation_II,_second_coming)_(1).jpg

»Scene for a New Heritage«, 2004 and »Scene for a New Heritage II«, 2006. These two films take place at a Petrova Gora Memorial Park at a monument designed by esteemed modernist sculptor Vojin Bakiç. In Croatia, 2045 a group of young travelers makes a journey to a silver monument which had been erected under the communist government of Yugoslavia to commemorate the Second World War. It is the 25th of May, Tito’s birthday anniversary, and they are on a quest to recollect the monument’s fading promise. Nearly two decades later, in 2063, Petrova Gora Memorial Park is visited for a second time. In both films the monument-museum, once idealised as an abiding testament to ideology, is now perceived as at first a moment embedded with avant-garde ciphers, and ultimately an abstraction. By David Maljković.