»Nations«, 2007, posters by Slavs&Tatars.

“Italian square”, 2008 by Aldo Giannotti. Installative performance – plywood, italian citizens, mp3-player, speakers.

»When a Country Falls in Love with Itself«, 2008 by Elmgreen & Dragset.

»We Will Meet Again«, 2006 by Jan Nálevka.

»REBRANDING ACTS« by www.wooloo.org, is an investigation into cultural identity in an age of global migration. The project asks artists to look closely at the ongoing production of “nationality” in their home countries and to examine the ways in which this public narrative includes certain individuals and groups – while excluding others. Deadline for submission is Sunday, August 31st 2008.


“Concorde” (Video) by Astrid Nippoldt.


»The Burqa Project« by Jean Ulrick Désert.