»Untitled«, 2010,

»Untitled«, 2011,

»Mudflap Girls 360° (hot pink)«, 2011 by Virginia Overton.

“Neon Traces”, 2009 by Anton Ginzburg.

»It’s the End for Modern Gratification«, 2011 by Adam Cruickshank.

“Axis of Silence”, 2009 by Sislej Xhafa. Black neon light.

»NEON-VOLVOLO /POP-ARZIGOGOLO«, 2007 by Ludovica Gioscia.

»The Matrix«, 2010 by Kianoosh Motallebi.

“Après réflexion N°13”, 2005 by François Morellet. Neon.

»Representative Measurements«, 2008 by Jeremy Shaw.

»SPECTRUM RIPPER«, 2008 by Sterling Ruby.


“The Makes (Out of Desperation)”, 2009 from the series “The Makes” by Eric Baudelaire. Found photographs, pages torn from That Bowling Alley on the Tiber by Michelangelo Antonioni, plexi, steel and fluorescent lighting.


“Welle (Wave)”, 2010 by Valentin Ruhry.


“Untitled ( )”, 2008 by Nathalie Brevet and Hughes Rochette.

»Flame (Gate)«, 2009 by Yochai Matos.


“Yes to all”, 2007 by Sylvie Fleury.

“Epiphany”, 2003 by Shezad Dawood.

“15.08.69”, 2008 by Silke Wagner.

“Ce qui coupe une ligne, c’est le point”, 2007 by Olaf Nicolai.


“Light work nº 19″, 2007 by Carlos Coronas.

“House Within His Darkness (Cyber-Merz)”, 1995 by Georg Herold.

“Untitled”, 2009 by Marlo Pascual. Digital print, fluorescent light, rock.

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