“The thing as distance”, 2012 by Anna Sagstrom. String, dye, glass, enamel, copper string.

»Good Things Happen When You Least Expect Them«, 2010 by Basim Magdy.

»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.

“The Catch”, 2011 by Simon Dybbroe Møller. Acrylic, plastic net, canvas.

»Geogoo«, 2008 by JODI.

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»Untitled (Reference Library)«, 2010 by Lance Wakeling. The artist uses an internet-based trophy-making service to create trophies, one for each book he read in 2010.


“Spinnen”, 2010 by Christian Schwarzwald.

»leaning+tower+pisa«, 2005 by Meggan Gould.


»Mes Voeux Sous Filet«, 1997 by Annette Messager.

»System«, 2009 by Jonathan Vingiano.

»hybridmoment.com«, 2009 by Rafaël Rozendaal.

“Ibland hoppar man bara för att känna hur det känns att falla”, 2006 by Sandra Norrbin. Foam and rope.

»GOLD DRIP«, 2009 by Petra Cortright.

»Internet Painting«, 2009 by Miltos Manetas.

“Lo Fi Wi Fi”, 2008 by Eilis McDonald.

Apartment” by Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg.

»Netacronyms«, 2007 by Marisa Olson.

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»relational domain« (2007) by Bianco-Valente.


All Identical Letter Abbriviations by Liron Ross.