“A People’s Portrait”, 2004 by Zhang Ga.

“Evolving Sonic Environment”, 2005–2007 by Haque. An architectural experiment to construct an interactive environment that builds up an internal representation of its occupants through a network of autonomous but communicative sensors.

Off-Sense“, 1995 by Masaki Fujihata.

2.4_interference_interaction” by Michelle Teran.

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»relational domain« (2007) by Bianco-Valente.


Interactive, multiple installations made up of various locations, distant from each other, coordinated across the mobile phone network.


»Programmed machines, partial vision« (computers,cables, silicone). By Maurizio Bolognini .


“Park View Hotel” by Ashok Sukumaran. Using specially-built pointing devices, audiences in the park can access interior hotel spaces, by “pinging” them optically. Once found and hit (two different modes on the scope) the interiors release their properties into a wireless network… the color of the interior propagates stochastically, leaking out of the building skin, jumping across the street, and entering some street-lights in the park below.


Sustainable, a kinetic sculpture comprised of seven water gong agents that are networked via water and strive toward equilibrium according to a simple water access algorithm; by David Birchfield.


Mi Magazine Issue 04, “David Moises Issue” published in +rosebud.