»Good Evening«, 1996 by Apsolutno and Aleksandar Davic. Video excerpt.


»CNN Concatenated«, 2002 by Omer Fast. Video excerpt.

»Nothing at the end«, 2007 by Sathit Sattarasart.


“Gigantic Intervention”, 2004 by Carlos Motta presents a stack of paper. Each sheet of the stack holds a different photograph from top news stories .

“The New York Times Special Edition”, 2008 by Steve Lambert in collaboration with The Yes Men.

»Across the Universe 2000«, 2005 by Natalie Czech.

»RECLAMATION«, 2008 (A republishing of selected covers of the Metropolis Chronicle, the newspaper of Metropolis) by Kristin Posehn.

dajiyuan.jpg DJ.jpg FAZ.jpg USAToday.jpg WSJ.jpg

Dajiyuan, Daily Jang, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, USA Today and Wallstreet Journal Europe. »Online Newspapers«, 2004, by Olia Lialina.


»I Wanted to See All of the News From Today« (Aggregating – daily – the front pages of all printed national newspapers from around the world into one place. (Currently includes 618 titles)) by Martin John Callanan.


Fascinum” (2001) by Christophe Bruno. “Fascinum” shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time.

Bild 5.png

»BASAYEV« (2006) by Niels Bonde.


»World News« (2002) by Claude Closky.


“Solar eclipse:Sun” by Martin Parr.


»The news with closed eyes« (2007) video by Constant Dullaart.

Dear Tokyo residents. Aleksandra Domanovic and Oliver Laric of VVORK are moving to Tokyo this month. If you have any recommendations or would like to get in contact drop us a line: mail@vvork.com


“Chromatische Aberration” by Eno Henze,

trafo1.jpg trafo2.jpgtrafo3.jpg

Videosynthesizer “Trafo” together with Joreg.


»Newstand«. 36 Evening Standard posters collected from the 7th to the 24th of March 2003. By David Barbarino.


Nowhere Left To Bury The Dead. Headlines of the Hackney Gazette posters written down by Lucy Harrison and posters of the Hackney Gazette collected by Leigh Clarke.


Defoe Cars. The writer of Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe had many pseudonyms and different careers including spy and journalist. When he published Robinson Crusoe he was living in a house in Stoke Newington, a village just outside London. This house is now a cab firm which until recently was called Dafoe Cars.


Spam. List of names of senders of spam email, presented as vinyl text on the walls. By Lucy Harrison.


Daily journal entries appearing as classified ads.


»High Noon« is a site-specific performance using existing architecture. By Germaine Koh.


La Déclaration.


Série Pornographie. By Edouard Levé.

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