“Series of successive instants”, 2009 by Sonia Leimer. Wooden construction, DVD, foley pits filled with concrete, brick, laminat (parquet oak), ballast, ceramics (marble), boulder, aluminium.


“Sound Drift”, 2005 by Timo Kahlen and Ian Andrews.


“Sonicity”, 2008-2009 by Stanza.

“Untitled (Instrument)”, 2008 by Faith La Rocque.
Stool, Epsom salts, rare earth magnet, hematite magnet, harmony balls.

Tacet” 2009, by Ulla Rauter.


“Rome to Tripoli”, 2006 by Paul DeMarinis.


»A Propósito« (1997) consists of a sculpture of 120 stolen car stereos obtained on the black market, and a looped video projection documenting the artists stealing a car stereo.


»Jedbangers« (1998-2002) deals with the sub-culture of headbangers in Mexico City at the same time as it becomes an allusion to ancient transcendental practices. The video projects onto a screen sitting on top of a wall of speakers that constantly emanate white noise. Both projects by Yosuha Okón.


»Bricks Are Heavy«. Musicians, artists and dj’s were invited to record one tape, all to be played at the same time on each boom box. By Rui Toscano.


Blue Moon plays the tides, the tides mix the city noise into 3 tuning tubes generating harmony in response which then playback in real-time. By Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger.