New York Nudes“, 2012 by Ellen Harvey.

»Manipulating Mass-produced Idealized Objects«, 1990 by Mike Kelley.

»Mail Art«, 1973 by Cosey Fanni Tutti.

»Untitled«, 2011 by Urs Fischer & Georg Herold.

»Silverback«, 2009 by Keith Farquhar.

»gelitin at the shore of lake Pipi Kacka«, 2003 by Gelitin.

»Hotel 2001«, 2001 by Matthias Herrmann.

»Untitled«, 2009 by assume vivid astro focus.

»Pregnancy Pee«, 2009 by Cathy Akers.

»Blowjob 8«, 2009 by Wojciech Kosma.

Various works, 2006 by Kelley Walker.

»WATER IN MILK EXISTS«, 2008 by Lawrence Weiner.

“Centrefold”, 2006 by Rita Nowak.

»Edam«, 1970 by Ed van der Elsken.

“Not Yet Titled”, 2008 by Gelitin.

“Constellation” by Hannah Whitaker.

»Debauched Zeitgeist«, 2006, by Carla Edwards.


“Soccer Suckers” by Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin.

Picture 13.png

»LE DÉJEUNER SUR L’HERBE« 2006, a homage to Edouard Manet, by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau.

Picture 11.png

»Me and My Girlfriend«, 2007. Video compiled of people glancing into the camera from their home made porn. By Fernando Sanchez.

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