“All the Dead Stars” by Katie Paterson. A map documenting the locations of just under 27,000 dead stars – all that have been recorded and observed by humankind – from data supplied by astronomers, supernova hunters, and astro-physicists.

"Public Sculptures", 2008, are little sculptures whose primary material is made up of found and gathered rubbish from the streets, arranged into new indefinable, abstract forms. These Forms, made of everyday life rubbish, are each cast two times in ceramics. These two identical sculptures become gold plated in pure gold. One of these sculptures will be left in a public space. It is placed on an arbitrary location, observed and secretly filmed till the moment when taken. What stays is the identical copy of the disappeared sculpture and a Video showing the Moment of disappearance from its equivalent.

"Speaker-Backpack, Cooking-Backpack, Demonstration-Backpack, Sabotage-Backpack, Fan-Backpack", 2006, by Nasan Tur.


“Earthling 1, Respekt – Istanbul”, 2005 from the series “Earthling 1” by Warren Neidich.


»Le dernier vol des criquets», 2003, taken from the series »Zoosemiotic« by Eve K. Tremblay.

lenka clayton.jpg

»North Korean Pointing Stick(s)«, 2008 by Lenka Clayton. Original North Korean pointing stick replicated eleven times. The second image shows the original stick in use by a museum tour guide in the Museum of the Victorious Fatherland – Pyongyang, North Korea.


»Observation Deck (Queens)« 1997-2006, at PS1 by Patrick Killoran.


The »Media Pack Board« by Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas is used for interactive performances and public screenings.