“The Floor Scrapers”, 1875 by Gustave Caillebotte.

»Darkroom«, 2006 by Sheela Gowda.

“Stone Pyramid”, 2011 by Anna Kristensen. Oil on linen.

“Skies”, 2009 by Markus Schinwald.


»The Earth’s Tarry Dreams of Insurrection Against the Sun«, 2010 by Bernadette Corporation.


“Study Pollock IV/IV”, 2006 by Daan van Golden. Oil on canvas.

»Ready/Handmade«, 2008 by Biju Joze.

»Tangled up in chains«, 2009 welded found iron and »Stalk, Gills and Caps of Goodbye«, 2009 oil on canvas by Ida Ekblad.

»October 20th, 1964«, 2009 by Kim Dorland.

From the series “minim in” by Benjamin Émile.

»The Evil Painting«, 2008 (oil on lightbox) by Ivan Grubanov.

“Landscape/Dtp Bliss”, 2003 by Carlo Zanni. Oil on linen. See also.

“Leh”, 2003 by Gyan Panchal. Crude oil, 1 liter.


“Mock Protest, Communist Summer Camp”, “Nixon Monument” and “Connecticut Senate Floor” from the series “My Life in Politics” and

hudson.jpg columbia_college.jpg

photos “Hudson” and “Columbia College” from the series “My Audience” by Tim Davis.


»Simulateur«, »Circuit Tags« and »Peinture a l’huile« by BP (Richard Bellon, Renaud Layrac and Frédéric Pohl).


Operation Telic (Engraved glass sheets, electrics, liquid plastic, wooden shelf).


Bertholtbrechtdotcom by Nick Crowe.