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»Google Image Search«, 2003 -, is an ongoing project by Wolfgang Plöger where monothematical compendiums of books are made using the Google image search engine.

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»google earth/google images« is an ongoing project by Chris Lee.


»my virtual library«,


»Bookstack« is a pile of found books whose titles play with the common phrase “A Needle in a Haystack”. The stack grows when a new title is found and takes its place on the top of the pile. By Yann Sérandour.

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Total Recall” is a silent, single channel video installation, approximately 18’ in duration at its current incarnation. It is composed entirely from images culled from Google Image Search. International standard date format (yyyy-mm-dd) is used as a search term in Google Image Search for everyday Ryan Park has been alive: 1978-09-21 until the work’s date of completion (2007-08-10 in the included sample). For each date, the highest ranked image is downloaded and inserted sequentially into the video. By Ryan Park. Video.