»SU-22 display«, 2009 by Idan Hayosh.


Still from »The Time Machine in alphabetical order«, 2010 by Thomson & Craighead.


“Untitled (Seven editions in chronological order of the manual of urbanity and good manners by Manuel A. Carreño)”, 2004-2009 and “Untitled (Seven editions of La verdad del caso Vegas), 1987-2009 by Luis Molina-Pantin.


“Out of disorder” by Takahiro Iwasaki.

“Almost Every City in the World”, 2005 by Mike Bouchet. Book and video. A list of almost every city, town, village, or named living location in the world. The list has approximately 2,800,000 entries. The video displays the alphabetically listed names and has a total running time of over 500 hours. The book is a printed version of this list. It has over 30,000 pages.

“I’m not in charge”, 2008 by Kim Rugg.

»lectures quotidiennes«, 2008 by Claude Closky.


»Union Fargekart/ Union Colour Chart«, 2007,


»Believe & Succeed Part l and Part ll«, 2006 by Marte Johnslien.

A frog. 19 days ago
A fox. 19 days ago
Racoons. 20 days ago
A fawn. 25 days ago
Fuzzy caterpillar. 25 days ago
A snake. 25 days ago
Must have been a bald eagle yesterday. 33 days ago
Maybe an eagle. 34 days ago
A little fox. 36 days ago
A bat. 39 days ago

»All The Animals I’ve Seen in Upstate New York This Summer« by David Horvitz.

alphabiblecoverL.jpg alphabiblecloseup.jpg

»Alphabetized Bible«, 2006, by Tauba Auerbach. See also »Bible«, 1997, by Rory Macbeth.


»Ghost«, 2007 by Kader Attia.


»My Things of Book Keeping of 06«, 2006 by Hong Hao.


“Untitled” by Daniel Malone.


»Hottest To Coldest«, 2008, is a website that continuously arranges a list of all the worlds national capitals according to their current air temperature.
By Aleksandra Domanovic.


“Work No. 785” (Japanese Maple, Persian Ironwood, Hornbeam, Apple and Oak. Five pieces, planting heights ranging from 24 ft. to 2 ft) by Martin Creed.


Fascinum” (2001) by Christophe Bruno. “Fascinum” shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time.


»Thought Bubble (oh god(Nietzche’s mum(Joke)))«, 2004

Picture 5.png

»Bible«, 1997. Every word in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order and printed. By Rory Macbeth.

»Semiotics of the Kitchen«, 1975 by Martha Rosler.


»Time Piece« (2002). Postcards representing the time in which the photographs were taken in chronological order. By Jonathan Monk.


»Out Of Order #5«, 2005, 58 library books on shelf.


»Out Of Order #1«, 2005, installation view: 53 library books with sun bleached back covers. By Marianne Viero and Laurenz Brunner.

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