“Interactive Infrasonic Installation”, 2007-2008 by Reinhard Gupfinger combines a 250-inch long organ pipe, a wind generator and a video-tracking interface for multi-user interaction. Pace and direction of the movements of users create a variable subsonic environment.


»Diverses Mobiliar«, 2004.


»Organism«, 2005, a 12 hour installation with church organ amplified into a light organ, at the St Jean de la Montmartre in Paris. By Nina Rhode.


“Organism”, a combination of an organ concert and a time based lightshow, by John Dekron and Gonzales.


»Melody Gin«, »The Rotary Ordinator« and the »The Astro-Space Organ«. Music instruments called Dewanatrons by Leon Dewan and Brian Dewan, a collaborative team who make hand-crafted, semi-automatic, electronic musical instruments.


Danius Kesminas exhibition »Vodka Sans Frontieres« derives from the 2004 discoveries of illegal underground pipelines pumping vodka into Lithuania. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a vodka pipeline organ. Made from plastic sewerage pipes, the organ resembles the Lithuanian folk instrument skudučiai, but it’s end product is not vodka, but music. Air is pumped into the pipes by a revolving barrel, which regulates the valves of the organ to play a traditional Lithuanian drinking song, Gerkit Gerkit, Broliukai (Drink Brothers, Drink).