»Rhino Beetle«, 2005 by Sarah Morris.

»Eupatorus gracilicornis«, 2003-2004 by Robert J. Lang.

»Folds«, 2008 by Darri Lorenzen.


»Artiste sans tête«, 2007 by Etienne Joubert.

Picture 10.png

»Following the Right Hand of Janet Leigh in “Touch of Evil”«, 2006. For the duration of the film, Pierre Bismuth placed a pen, so to speak, in Janet Leigh’s right hand so that through her movements the actress produced a drawing on the screen.

Picture 5.png

Origami »Tortue«, 2003. A ready-made origami is unfolded and doesn’t reveal any trace of its creation; every object keeps nevertheless name of the thing that the corresponding origami is supposed to represent. By Pierre Bismuth.


“Unland” is a kind of recoded giant piece of origami approaches the themes of reality and geography in an abstract manner: a paper sculpture hung from thin nylon strings, becomes a projection sphere, a reservoir of associations, recalling, possibly, a cloud, or an iceberg, an island or artificial organism.


An imaginary seismogram investigates the field between language & drawing, static & dynamic, sound & image by mapping out the tensions between these conceptual tectonic plates: “Zero Bending” by Nikolaus Gansterer.