“Volvic Architecture Milfina”, 2008 by Michaela Eichwald. Mixed media in resin.

»March Fourteen« (diptych), 2007 by Akram Zaatari.

»Unpacked painting«, 2009 by Liudvikas Buklys.

Picture 1

»Farina« by Jani Leinonen.


Christian Korth


»EKSPOZYCJA« by Roman Ondak.


»Promise (American Style)« (2003) by Caroline McCarthy.


»Storage Piece« from 2006 by Haegue Yang. Steming from the situation of absolute lack of storage space, various previous works are transported and stalked in a pile on the wooden palette in order to fullfill another exhibition.


»Candy« by Derek Stroup.


The exhibition Das grosse Stilleben (The Big Still Life) by Klaus Littmann features a department store in Mugron in southern France that has survived largely intact some 30 years after it was closed. »Das grosse Stilleben« is authentic to the minutest detail. Only a few perishable goods were newly added; everything else originates from the department store in Mugron. Here, the installation heeds the words of Andy Warhol, who remarked in 1985: »Lock up a department store today, open the door after a hundred years and you will have a Museum of Modern Art.«