Performance view form »Hanging Times Athens«, 2012 by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff.

»All along the watchtower«, 2012 by Nadia Kaabi-Linke.

“For objects and the infinite – like or after a Katarzyna Kobro exhibition design (retitled and changed display)”, 2011 by Lasse Schmidt Hansen. Glass, wood, paint.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Thea Djordjadze. Steel, paint, cement, fabric, glass.

A still from »Dammi i Colori«, 2003 by Anri Sala.

“Avoid Contact (Pale Wax)”, 2011 by Pamela Rosenkranz. Acryl on Spandex.


“Tollhaus”, 2006 by Tina Schulz.

»Untitled (Stage for Brief Spectacles)«, 2006 by Justin Beal.


»Element of the environment – Alpenglühn«, 2001 by Franz West.

»X (Bremen)«, 2010 by Kilian Rüthemann.


»Bathroom wall, water pipes, shower rail«, 2009 by Petrit Halilaj.


“Noch so ein Sieg, und wir haben verloren”, 2010 by Michael Hakimi.


»Paint Job«, 2004 by Susan Collis. Boiler suit and embroidery thread.

“Whose Afraid of Blue Yellow and Red”, 2008 by Santiago Cucullu.

“Ohne Titel (Taucher)”, 2008 by Christoph Meier. Wood, plastic, paint.

“Stupid music”, 2007 by Mathew Sawyer.

»20. April ’05« from »Übermalte Fotografien (painted photographs)«, 1986 – 2006 by Gerhard Richter.

»Woodshed«, 2008 from the Colors Preceding Photographs series by Damon Zucconi.

New Orleans Biennial, 2008, acrylic on diverse materials, by Katharina Grosse.

“Rassemblement Pour Repeindre (Gathering to repaint)”, 2006 by Matthieu Clainchard.

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