New York Nudes“, 2012 by Ellen Harvey.

»Spazio anche piu che tempo«, 1970 by Carol Rama.

»Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams«, 1900 by Vilhelm Hammershøi.

“The Floor Scrapers”, 1875 by Gustave Caillebotte.

»From Morning till Night«, 2011 by Kateřina Šedá.

»Optical Illusions«, 2008 by Risa Horowitz.

“White Hand”, 2011 by Nir Harel.

“Untitled (The Reader)”, 2011 by Sónia Almeida. Cotton fabric, cotton cut-out, oil on wooden panels.

“Untitled (Poster Paintings)”, 2008 by Klara Lidén. Found poster, blank poster paper, glue.

“Blakam”, 2010 by Nicolas Party. Acrylic on stone.

“Untitled (Jokepainting)”, 2006 by Karl Holmqvist.

“Blob Face”, 2011 by Daif King.

“The one I shall now describe, if I can…”, 2011 by Cynthia Daignault. Oil on linen.

“If I had two heads, Christina of Denmark, 1538″, 2011. An image slide of Hans Holbein the Younger’s Christina of Denmark 1538 performing for three hours. By Juliette Blightman.

»Joan Mitchell’s Hemlock, Landscape Ting on Struc-tube«, 2011 by Juliette Bonneviot.

“Wallhanging (eleven Drafts)”, 2011 by Jenni Tischer. Aquarell on paper.

“Marx”, 2011 by Josephine Meckseper.

Evening Drawings“, 1996–2004 by Dag Erik Elgin.

»Second Chance 2«, 2008 by Greg Parma Smith.

»Void Mastery / Blank Control«, 2011 by Petra Cortright.

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