“2-Dimensional Mirror Mobile”, 2011 by Jeppe Hein. Stainless steel plate, mirrors.

Tourner en ovale“, 2009 by Regis Perray.

Picture 12

»Desert Park«, 2010 by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.


»Niki Quester«, 2009 a sheet of marble lodged in the branches of an oak. By Oscar Tuazon.

„Real Snow White«, 2009 by Pilvi Takala.

“Spatial Composition (After K. K.)”, 2009 by Pedro Cabrita Reis. Bricks, acrylic wall paint.

»AFK Sculpture Park (Away From Keyboard)«, 18.9. – 26. 9. 2009, with Aleksandra Domanović, Harm van den Dorpel, Constant Dullaart, Joel Holmberg, Oliver Laric, Billy Rennekamp and Rafael Rozendaal at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin. Curated by Daniel Keller & Nik Kosmas.

“Volksshoeshinemachine”, 2008 by Leopold Kessler. Shoe shine machines. Installation view in Tuileries Garden, Paris.

“Sistine Chapel”, 2008 by Jill Frank.


»Joggers (postcapitalism section 9)«, 1999 by Frank Perrin.


»Monolith TM« (2002) by Torben Ribe.


Series »The Park«, 1971-1973. Photographs taken at night (using infrared film) in a park in Shinjuku of couples engaged in sexual activity and the peeping toms stalking them. By Kohei Yoshiyuki.


»ONE: Nebraska City«, 2007 by Tex Jernigan.


“Black Spot”, 2005 was a process in three stages. The first stage was to obtain a Satellite image of an area – in this instance Hyde Park, London. The second was to pinpoint a single pixel on that photograph and replace it with a black square of Polythene. The third was to take a second satellite photograph of the same area. By Phil Coy.



“Root” and “Park” by Kristin Posehn.


»Bildhalde (Genua)« and


»Saugen« by Stefan Burger.


»Grey Area« (12 Atttempts to hide in an office environment) from 2001, »Fuck It Up and Start Again« (One guitar smashed and mended 7 times) from 2001 and »Individual Features Removed« from 2004 by Sofia Hultén.


»Events With Unknown Outcome« shows various objects (beer crates, a blanket, ball and plastic bag) in the park surrounding the last border watchtower still standing since the GDR in Berlin. Sofia Hultén secretly videotaped whatever happened to the objects from the vantage point of the tower.


»Recombinant Place: Cloaked Mirror Body« is a bench derivative of a u-shaped amphi theatre made of glass fiber sandwich with vinylester over a divinycell core. By Knut Åsdam.


Leaning by Arthur Kleinjan.


“Sphinx” and “Washington/Rushmore” at “Window of the World” in Shenzhen/China by Mandy Lee Jandrell.

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