»19:30 stacks«, 2011 by Aleksandra Domanović. The stack on the right is freely downloadable as a PDF.

»K-HOLE« is a trend-forecasting report by a team of young cultural strategists: Greg Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron and Dena Yago.

»Painting 1 analysis for an Institutional responsibility«, 2011 by Paolo Chiasera. Download.

»Goldman Sachs annual letter to shareholders typeset with the font Oh Marys«, 2010 (PDF) by Paul Chan.


»untitled (30.III.2010)«, 2010 by Aleksandra Domanović.

»How to organize a wave of prosperity pron«, 2008 (PDF), »Composition as explanation pron«, 2008 (PDF) and »Phaedrus pron«, 2008 (PDF) by Paul Chan.

»XXXXXXXXX IN THE EXPANDED FIELD«, 2008. Downloaded copy of Rosalind Krauss’ essay ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’ from which all references to art were removed using standard methods of redaction. Redistributed pdf, unlimited laser prints. By Martijn Hendriks.