“White Hand”, 2011 by Nir Harel.


“Rejected Products”, 2002 by Brandon Lattu.


From “Muush” by Brenna Murphy.


»Untitled (Woman in Sun Dress)«, 2003 by Cindy Sherman.


»RYAN’S WEB 1.0«, by Ryan Trecartin.

From the project “Poster company” by Travess Smalley and Max Pitegoff.

“Waste Painting #12”, 2005 by Peter Saville and Howard Wakefield.

From the series “Abs7racts” by Jason Matthew Lee.

“37586 (Geostational Earth-Orbit)”, 2009 from the series “Time & Space” by Achim Horn.

“Strange loop”, 2009 by Lucas Blalock.

»stain #1«, 2009,

»Grace«, 2009 by Luke Barber-Smith.

From “Portals” by Will Simpson.

»Found image of Michael Jackson downloaded from the internet and uploaded to a free online age processing website, printed once in black and white and once in color«, 2009 by Martijn Hendriks.

»birch1.png«, 2009,

»forrest.png«, 2009 by Charles Broskoski

From “Punching your reflection”, 2009 by Laura Brothers.

»Woodshed«, 2008 from the Colors Preceding Photographs series by Damon Zucconi.

From the series “Fresh Start/ Fresh Designs”, 2009 by Ben Vickers.

From “Copious cascade”, 2009 by Laura Brothers.

»Versions«, 2009 by Oliver Laric.

»PATTERN UNDER THE SUN«, 2007 by Thomas Marecki.

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