“Mountain vista”, 2010 by Donelle Woolford.

“A Picture”, 2004 by Ruben Aubrecht.
“A Picture” deconstructs a digital photo split in its information contents, the source code. 253 pages.

“In-between the Noise” by Brian Reed.

“Untitled #1-5” (Detail), 2007 and

“La Collection Visionnaire (#2)”, 2005 by Ole Martin Lund Bø.


Fascinum” (2001) by Christophe Bruno. “Fascinum” shows the news pictures that are the most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time.


From the installation “The One & Only” by Reena Spaulings.


“Mummy” by Stephane Barbier Bouvet.

9.gif  25.gif

“Price On Request” – The installation employs a cardboard adhesive-band copy of the well-known art fair stands structures. These cloisonne modules are in general made of wood and steel and can be found in almost every kind of fair. By Art Basel Geneva (Cris Faria and Lukas Mettler).


Archival C print, vegi gel capsules, acrylic. “Little Boy Blue” by Andy Diaz Hope.


“Unerledigt” by Isabelle Krieg.