The Myth of Order #1“, 2010 by Kader Attia.


»The Boarders at Rest«, 1971-72, collected and taxidermised birds dressed in handmade wool outfits. By Annette Messager.


»pigeons aligner«, 1996.


»totalmaxigoldmachine2000«. A soundtrack consisting of very short samples of dance music hits, broadcast non-stop and very loud in one of the rooms at the exhibition of Negotiations, at the CRAC in Sète, on the theme of trade and capitalism. »mmmmmm«, 2000. Monologue lasting about 50 minutes in which the aphasic Michel Prades talks about his relation to language, the poems he writes, and the accident that caused his handicap. This soundtrack was broadcast in the streets of Cahors by the loudspeaker system normally used to announce commercial services. By Boris Achour.


On Human Right’s Day, March 21 (2005), Ruth Sacks paid a pilot to write the words ‘Don’t panic’ in the sky over the Cape Town city bowl. The ‘don’t’ blew away long before the ‘panic’ did.


A series of obese, taxidermised pigeons also by Ruth Sacks.