»Wind-drawing«, 1995. The ventilators are started one after the other forming pillars of wind rising up vertically from the floor.


»Conversation«, 2001. An electronic metronome swings with a certain Interval between the radio stations of two countries and alter nately cuts and reinstates electricity. By Finnbogi Petursson.

783.6_1.jpg 783.6_6.jpg

“783.6 cm to 783.83 cm at 70°C” by Ben Woodeson. An induction coil is built around a pillar, as an electrical current is passed, the pillar expands in both width and length as it’s temperature rises to 70°C.


To Fill The Sky. A series of seven fireworks were set off within a metal container with a glass front, the dimensions of an average television set. When played back, the usual televisual distance is shattered, and the events appear to be happening inside the television itself, perhaps even the product of the television in breakdown.


The Adjuster. The angle of each of the four main structural pillars at BloombergSPACE was altered by 1° using giant cardboard tubes. By Gaia Alessi and Richard Bradbury.