»DMT in a Speed Pipe«, 2010 by Michael Ray-Von.

»Avalanche«, (2009) by CADU .

“Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III”, 2007 by Steven Shearer.


“Interactive Infrasonic Installation”, 2007-2008 by Reinhard Gupfinger combines a 250-inch long organ pipe, a wind generator and a video-tracking interface for multi-user interaction. Pace and direction of the movements of users create a variable subsonic environment.


This Is Not A Loop” by Niall Flaherty. Sound loop digitally generated from Rene Magritte’s painting “The Betrayal of Images“, 1929.


»expedition-bus and shaman-travel« (Double Video-Projection on the Windscreen of a mirrored Campervan), 2002 is a project researching the parallels between ethnography and shamanism using scientific film-footage from the 50s and 60s.


»Divining Rod Testfield (Scheunenversuch)«, 2003 is a reenactment of a scientific experiment to evaluate the phenomenon of water divination. In the lower floor of a shed of about 20m of length, pipes were installed in such a way that their positions could be altered. through those pipes different quantities of water was pumped. one floor above, the test persons were to estimate the positions of the pipes through water divination. The supervisor of the experiment did not know the exact position of the pipes during the experiments nor did the test persons. the probability of the experiment being a result of pure chance was clearly below 0,5. In a series of further tests with 43 water diviners, 10 person were found to show significant to highly significant test results. The probability to get similar results without assuming a sensitivity of the water diviners, was arround 1500:1 against chance.


»Marathon«, 2003. By Christoph Keller.


»Help« is a ceiling-mounted copper pipe originally conceived for an art fair. By Christopher K. Ho.


»Everything for Everyone at Once«, 2005 is a 16′ x 44′ rectangle of beige rubberized surface with a one-foot aluminum perimeter. It sits on a slip of land between a parking lot, an interstate highway, an outdoor storage area, a service road, and Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota. By Christopher K. Ho and Daniel Bouthot.


“Resonating-With-Light” (Video) by Edo Paulus is an installation that consists of multiple small electronic units in a natural environment with sunlight. Each unit collects solar energy and transforms this energy into a repetitive bouncing of itself onto a metal tube, thus creating a kinetic and acoustic reaction to sunlight.


“Scrollbars” (Video) by Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte.

AndersNordby(2).jpg Raid4.jpg AndersNordby_Ida-Ekblad.jpg

“Untitled (Earthpipe)” by Anders Nordby & Ida Ekblad.


“Lichtkegel”, “Sockel für einen Baum”, “Halbzeit – Mein Volumen verlässt einen Stuhl”, “Rohrverdickung”,


“Elfmeter”, “Hundeknochen” and “Spray” by Markus Hofer.


»The Real Thing« is an installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water. By Helmut Smits from 2006.


»Quarter Pipe« from 2005. Materials: wood, mirror, vinyl. Also by Helmut Smits.


»LP Bike« from 1999 plays a record attached to the front wheel. The cycling speed influences the sound. Another project by Helmut Smits.