»Circulation II«, 2010, partially erased mirror, hardware, peeled prints on plastic, screen protector by Valerie Snobeck.

“Narcissus made in China Vienna 2002”, 2002 by Regula Dettwiler.

»Plastic Interior«, 2005 by Al Masson.

“Rock”, 2006 by Tatiana Trouvé. Stone, plexiglas, aluminium, copper, brass.


Still from »One Second Of Silence«, 2008 by Edith Dekyndt.

Beginning excerpt of »Plastic Jesus«, 1971 by Lazar Stojanović.

»A-Z, Aran lasted really long«, 2008 (plastic relief) by Aïda Ruilova.


»Chastity Wedge«, 1954, cast 1963, by Marcel Duchamp.

“Slipping through silence”, 2008 by Sandra Norrbin. Polystyrene foam and plastic.

“The Hanging Smoking Garden”, 2007 by Mikala Dwyer.

»Monument to the Unknown Washerwoman«, 2005 by Pravdoliub Ivanov.

“Large Dark Wind Chime (Arab Tritone)”, 2008 by Klaus Weber.

»Never Say Die«, 2008 by Marijn van Kreij.

“Cups in circles”, 2008 by Kristin Nordhøy. Plastic drinking cups.


“Open Sky”, 2008 by Manuel Gorkiewicz.


“Lily”, 2007 (paper, sand, soil, stone, plastic, electronic circuit and gold) by Agathe Snow.


“Impermeable”, 2003 (plastic, water, wire, fluorescent light bulbs) by Alejandro Almanza Pereda.


Instructions for making the “Ecolo” flower-vase, 1995 by Enzo Mari.


»Shapeshifter« (2000) constructed from plastic chairs by Brian Jungen.

seth price.jpg

»Chords« and »Vintage Bomber«, 2006, vacuum-formed polystyrene, by Seth Price.


»Dispersion« by Seth Price.

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